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Category: Website ・ Role: User Experience, Branding, Visual Design ・ Year: 2017

Wanderlust was created to meet an urgent need: to outfit the growing community of digital nomads and traveling entrepreneurs with the resources to improve their work anywhere lifestyle via curated city guides.

Working remotely is becoming more of a norm these days. The flexibility of working while traveling is highly appealing in today's society, especially among millenials. The problem is, there aren't enough resources for aspiring nomads to comfortably take the leap into this niché field of work. The challenge was to design and build a community based platform where experienced nomads could share their resources and showcase the best cities to work and live in around the world.


I designed the landing page as well as the city guides and community feature pages of the website. While my role was centered around the visual design of the interface, ensuring that the overall user experience was de-cluttered was also a main priority in this project.

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City Guides - WebCity Guides - Web
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One of our first tasks was to clearly define our potential user base. What type of people and potential visitors would we want to attract to the site? It was important to pinpoint how these users behaved and identify several possible user cases for the website.

The most common scenarios:

With common scenarios in place, we were able to define detailed personas using the data we collected and user surveys we conducted. The personas looked something like this:

Since the company's identity had not yet been well defined, our aim was to hone in on the core of it's defintion. Wanderlust simply means "the desire to travel". Early logo designs included a mountainscape to signify exploration but was later scratched.

We felt that the company name was already synonymous with the nomad lifestyle since remote workers are constantly exploring and relocating from place to place.

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