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Category: Mobile App ・ Role: User Experience, Branding, Visual Design ・ Year: 2017

Nomadic is a iOS mobile app concept that provides all the features of it's web app counterpart Wanderlust. The app encourages digital nomads to find things to do in their city and showcases the best cafés and coworking spaces to work from.

As one of my projects at Bloc, I was tasked to design a product showcase page promoting a new product. Because I was content with the results of one of my web app projects in Wanderlust, I wanted to dive deeper and design a mobile solution to the web platform. One of the main challenges was making sure all features and content of the web app were consistent on mobile and that the user experience was seamless.

I was in charge of the visual design of the interface and designed the onboarding flow screens, main navigation and search functionalities, as well various user interactions. Ultimately, the most important part was crafting a product that was clear and simple to use. The long term goals included: strengthened marketing, revenue growth, and customer growth.


A beautifully curated feed.

Comp 13Comp 13

A detailed onboarding flow.

Mockup 07Mockup 07

Product Showcase page as featured on Wanderlust.

Mobile AppMobile App
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